Monday, September 3, 2012

An Orange Surprise!

Once upon a time I hated orange. Then one day I realized it was just certain types of orange. Like construction cone/vest orange. So bad. And orange orange, as in, oranges. Anyway, back to business. I got this dresser off the side of the road, for freeeee! 

In perfect condition! I think it was made of some sort of wood and laminate yuck-i-ness. This was part of my sneak peek for last week, but I couldn't drag it up the stairs by myself, so I waited until My Honeypie could help me. I turned it into this:

Since I overestimated my awesomeness, I didn't get all of my sneak peeks finished last week, so there is no sneak peek this week!


  1. I also didn't like orange at one time. Now I love it! As well as all colors. There really isn't a color I don't love. This orange dresser looks great with the blue floors. Orange and blue - one of my favorite color combinations.

    1. Amen to that! My house looks like a rainbow on the inside :)