Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snowy Days

There aren't very many snowy days in Missouri. I miss the Utah snow! Mostly just for a minute, then I don't miss it anymore. It's just so gorgeous to look at! 

So I wanted to start taking pics of people more right? I asked (made?) my husband come outside in our latest snowstorm so I could take some pics of him to practice some aperture mode. 

He hates snow/cold/winter/anything to do with winter. Except for maybe Christmas. So this is like, a really big deal. Here's my favorite picture:

He *wanted* that picture taken. It is not my fault that it is now all over the internet. I also love the second one:

Here he is walking into Narnia (aka our backyard). 

Best husband. Oh, and here's a picture of Mossberg for good measure. 


  1. You have a gorgeous yard, an adorable puppy, and an awesome husband.

    1. Thank you to all of that! and he's the best :)

  2. I love those pics. Esp the second one where he's going all crazy for twigs. Haha