Tuesday, June 21, 2011


We started tearing apart the house last night but I misplaced my camera, so I didn't take any demo pictures. I did have my wonderful Iphone, but as much as I love that thing, it doesn't take the best pictures. Also, it turns out I'm a wimp when it comes to breaking walls and stuff. My husband, father-in-law, and bro-in-law do a much better job.

I have one thing to say about remodeling:
If you're going to make it pretty, do it right!


There are layers and layers and layers of peel and stick tile (which I loathe!), tiled walls on top of lath and plaster, sheet rock over the lath and plaster, then wood paneling and whatever. It's so gross! There is no cohesion. The nice thing is that we don't have to try and remove any of the wall paper because all the walls are coming down!

While ripping down the cabinets we found a mouse that savagely tried to kill me (actually my darling tried to murder it, but the mouse escaped and charged me.) For real. Then underneath the nasty, rusting, molding, metal cabinets we found these:


If we were in to smoking then it would be a dream! But to us, it's just trash. Some of the boxes were still intact though and totally sealed. Kind of interesting for sure. That's all the demolition turned up so far.

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  1. AAAAAAHHHHH! I cannot tell you how happy the existance of this blog makes me. THANK YOU for posting, so I can follow along by proxy. And yeah, mice, *ugh*. Get a cat.

  2. We hate cats!! But I don't think that's a bad idea