Monday, August 8, 2011

What's in a Name?

People around here name their property like they name their children...but I think I kind of like it.

Here are some we've seen/heard of:

My mother-in-law named her property "Shady Acres". Now, I think we're talking about the kind of shady you get from trees and not the kind of shady you use to describe the guy walking down the street with his hand reaching into his trench coat.

My mom named my family's property "Stonegate". It has, you guessed it, a stone gate.

[caption id="attachment_283" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Stonegate. Say hello to the back half of Hershey."][/caption]

There is this HUGE sign on the way to town from our property called "Kingbird Acres". I'm thinking it must be their last name.

I find this just hilarious:

[caption id="attachment_284" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="El Rancho Bankruptus"][/caption]

Here are some of the suggested names from various persons:

  • Some Man's Trash...since this the name of my blog...and now that I think about it, there is trash everywhere in the yard.

  • Regenbogen (Rainbow) Ranch. Sadly, as my dad said, only in California could 5 acres=a ranch.

  • Galbraith Greens. Alliteration is great (oh yeah, I totally did that), but there are so many Galbraith families out here I think people would get confused!

Here are a few I came up with...mostly using the same words. I'm super creative:

  • Mariposa (butterfly) Skies

  • Mariposa Glen

  • Mariposa Meadows (my little sister actually came up with this one)

Basically, there are butterflies everywhere at our new place. I think they like our trees. Also, my gramma used to call me "butterfly". What do you think?


  1. Ha! I've actually seen El Rancho Bankruptus! I know where that is! I think owning your own piece of land makes you want to name it and stake your claim. Galbraith Greens sounds like a family salad recipe, though. And tragically, I think your dad is right about the ranch thing. I like the Mariposa stuff. Maybe Mariposa Place?

  2. Mariposa Meadows or Mariposa Skies are my votes.