Monday, November 21, 2011


Thanksgiving is this week! Hooray! In preparation of such, I wish to share a poem:

Prayer of Gratitude

Please help me to remember:
Things are better than they seem,
For while I may be lacking faith,
I’m very blessed indeed.

At times I forget
How fortunate I am,
That I have all the little things
Other people lack.

Ears that can hear,
Eyes that can see,
A body that moves,
A voice that can sing.

A home full of love,
A heart full of peace,
A soul that is free to
Love as it’s pleased.

A big, wide, beautiful world
Where we can run and play.
An ever transforming masterpiece
As the seasons change.

And today I’d like to thank You
For everything You’ve done.
For giving us the greatest gift;
For giving us Your Son.

I wish to share my love
For your generosity,
So I’ll be thankful every day
For all the little things.

Now. Little things I'm thankful for
*not necessarily in order of importance*
for every day of November:

  1. My Honeypie and BBFE (best friend for eternity).

  2. My baby (still in the making).

  3. My families.

  4. My job.

  5. My Honeypie's job.

  6. Food.

  7. Cooking skills.

  8. The gospel


  10. Smiles.

  11. Hugs. On occasion. You know how it is.

  12. This apple that I'm eating right now.

  13. Talents.

  14. Freedom.

  15. People who fight for our freedom.

  16. Kind words.

  17. Thoughtfulness.

  18. Oh, freak, how about having a place to live?

  19. Our house.

  20. Temples.

  21. The atonement.

  22. The milky way! Yes, the candy bar too.

  23. Guns. Yeah, I'm thankful for those.

  24. Technology.

  25. Animals. Because they are nice to look at. and because they taste good. (TURKEY!)

  26. Modern day revelation.

  27. Good mental health.

  28. Common sense.

  29. Seasons. and seasoning.

  30. My bed. Duh.

What are you thankful for?

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