Tuesday, November 22, 2011

And Then I Touched It.

Sometimes I wish our house was finished, just so we could live in it you know? But it's not! However, we did get all of the windows in, storm windows taken off, and the new windows caulked--which I even learned to do. I also assisted in taking off some of the storm windows...and successfully broke one of the huge ones. Glass. Everywhere. Yay, me!

Here is what our house looks like without all the nasty storm windows:

Our house on a prettier day!

Yay! Every time we drive by it I say hello and smile because it just looks so much better!

Sunday came around last week and My Honeypie was all like, "What do you want to do?" and normally we take turns picking/arguing about whose turn it is to pick. Except for this day I said, "Let's go take a walk at our house!" So we did. and found this:

Rwaaaar! It's a cow skull.


  1. Are you going to give it a name? Are you going to have it mounted and hang it on your wall? Also, I think going for a walk around your house sounds like the best way to spend the day...hope it wasn't too muddy.

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