Monday, May 21, 2012

A Little More Color

One more painted ceiling down!

 This color is by far my favorite. Check it:




"True Turquoise."

I am so loving it.

At the suggestions of my little sister and sister-in-law, I am going to paint all of the ceilings in a color of the rainbow. Don't worry, some will still be white.

I decided to paint the entry way ceiling a green, and the craft room ceiling a light lavender.  Then our house will be a rainbow for real!

Also, my awesome brother-in-law came and helped My Honeypie do this:


We have kitchen cabinets!

I know this isn't typically how a piece like this is used...I'm pretty sure they are used on top of another set of cabinets, but it works this way for us. Plus, our kitchen is going to kind of be a mess of different cabinets as we piece the kitchen together. No matter! I'm painting them all anyway. Of course.

Paint all the things!!!


  1. Hooray! KITCHEN CABINETS!! So awesome. And Gabba is going to be so happy you liked her suggestion. :D

  2. that's my favorite too! it's looking so good and so fun! Good job guys!!

  3. I couldn't remember who said it! Yay for Gabba!