Wednesday, August 22, 2012

I Just Discovered Phlogging

I just discovered phlogging...don't know what that is? Blogging...from your phone! I know right?! genius!

This will help me keep you all updated on our house happenings.

Since my last post about a bajillion things have happened.

1. There is beadboard/wainscoting in the downstairs bathroom.

2. We have crown molding in the downstairs bathroom and living room! Holla! That's considered "high class" around here.

3. I painted Baby's ceiling and floor, but that's an entirely different post. If you follow me on instagram or happen to be my friend on the Facebook you have been privileged to receive a sneak peek.

4. I have become a hoarder. Kind of. I feel like it. Basically, I've discovered how much I love fixing furniture so I've been collecting it and making it cute again. Aaaand I started a blog for this separate adventure at if I didn't have enough blogs already. It's totally new and this is the first time I've actually announced it. There are only three posts right now, but hey. If you like this blog chances are you will like this new one too.

Anyway, let's try a photo dump with this new phlogging thing shall we? Fair warning: I don't take very good pics with my phone.







  1. You should put up a picture of Caeden's room. It looks AWESOME!!!

  2. Planning on doing it this next week!

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