Saturday, December 10, 2011

Best. Ever.

This week I have found the best time-wasting websites EVER! (aside from Pinterest that is).

They are:
where you can do stuff like this:

Put together outfits! Online! I heart clothes and design!

I've been making outfits and painting houses all week.

With the color selector you can virtually paint rooms (haven't tried this yet) or choose a type of house and paint the exterior! (have tried this--so fun!)

Our house is an old Victorian, so I chose one of their three pictures and went nuts.

I absolutely love these, but I'm not sure if My Honeypie would go for any of them:

Some more mellow ideas:


Now, I know I previously said that we already chose the paint colors we want for our house...but I may have changed my mind :)


  1. [...] Paint the outside of our house. I’m thinking along the lines of gray. White attracts too many bugs, and I can’t have a pink house.  [...]