Friday, December 9, 2011

Winter Makes Me...

I don't know. I don't love Winter. I love things about Winter; like hot chocolate, Christmas, New Years, lights, glitter, and candy canes.

By the way, I've been eating candy canes wrong my entire life! I used to suck on the end and make it into a pointy tip (to fight people with) and then I would break it off and eat it.

So wrong.

How to Eat a Candy Cane:
Just bite the thing and crunch it to death in your mouth.

The end.
Much more satisfying than making it into a pointy sword where you will inadvertently slice your tongue.

Anyway...House Update! Things will probably be a little bit slow between here and February-ish, what with preparing for baby/having baby/fighting bitter cold/funds/school/whatever else gets in the way. Which means I may or may not be posting on this very much. Who knows!

Consider yourself notified.

But! This will give us time to clean, I guess? I hate cleaning. On the upside-all of the nails are finally hammered in or pulled out in all of the rooms except for the ceilings. Yay! We finished off the rest of the wire My Honeypie got for *free* and I finished foaming the windows.


Also, I am feeling especially grateful to everyone who has helped thus far, or those who even have had the thought of helping. I don't think we can say, "thank you", enough.

So thank you, to all of you!

You da best.

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