Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I know right?

The other day My Honeypie and I had a conversation that went something like this:

[In the kitchen]

Honeypie: You know, I guess you will have a lot of counter space. 

Me: I know. 

Honeypie: You could actually probably fit an island here too, if you wanted. 

Me: I know. 

Honeypie: But I already told you when you asked before that you didn't have room...

Me: I know...but I knew you were wrong so I was planning on having one anyway.  


My goal this summer is to find something with which I can make an awesome island. There are two great things I have discovered about Missouri:

1. The-Day-Before-Trash-Pick-Up-Day

Why? People get rid of the most awesome junk!

2. Garage Sales.

Why? People get rid of the most awesome junk for cheap!

and then you're like, "all that really needs is some paint..." and BOOM. Beautiful

So all I need to do this summer is find something like this:

or this

or this:

and make it awesome!