Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Year a New Me

Two-thousand twelve, make way for the new girl, two-thousand thirteen! I haven't made New's Years resolutions for years...I haven't really thought about why until now. I suppose it is the fear of failure and my ever becoming acceptance of mediocrity. 

This New Year is a new year. Literally. 

No more fear. 
No more indifference. 
Leave me breathless. 
Carry me on the Wind
To a place I've never been. 
Hold me in your arms,
Whisper in my ear, 
Tell me I have nothing to lose, 
But the loss of life unloved. 
Be daring; 
Brave and unafraid, 
Love a life so satisfied
That you'd live to love again. 

Oh, hey, sometimes I write poems off the top of my head. 

Basically, this year I'm going to live like it's the last one I'll ever have. No fear! I do have a list of 25 things to accomplish before I turn 26 in November. If you haven't read the list yet you can read it here

Here are my inspirational thoughts for this year of 2013: 


Now, to set some real life goals! One for every month of the year in no particular order or importance:
  1. Discover (and rediscover) my talents.
  2. Be kinder than I feel. Err day. 
  3. For every negative think two positives
  4. Go someplace new. 
  5. Make friends.
  6. Meet my neighbors. This terrifies me because I already met one of my neighbors...she got mad at me for taking pictures of her horses. We will try again!
  7. Host a party at our house. 
  8. Get a stationary exercise bike. I miss biking and I'm too terrified to bike on the roads here because I'm pretty sure I would get run over by a truck. Kind of like Blue
  9. Remember to be me. 
  10. Break down walls. The ones inside me. 
  11. Think pretty thoughts. 
  12. Develop a genuine love for all people. Basically, this is me now: 

For real. Two-thousand thirteen, you are mine! 


  1. I feel like the last photo/quote relates to why you all leave amazing gatherings at 7:30??? Lol

    1. Hahahaha Stacey!! Of course ;) actually, we probably just wouldn't have come over :) if you let us come over I promise to be nice and maybe my baby will be happy too!