Sunday, December 23, 2012

Winter Wonderland

It SNOWED! Remember the Winter Weather Advisory? It snowed!!! My jeep rocks the snow and ice, but we found out the 4-wheel drive on Nathanael's truck doesn't work. He's less of a man now. Just kidding. He's totally embarrassed about it though. He got stuck trying to get up our driveway when he came home. I wanted to get a picture, but he got up early and dug it out before I woke up. Here are some pics of the snow and stuff:

 I was going to shovel the whole driveway for Nathanael, but then I looked at it and was all, "meh."

My most awesome boots. Except the snow kept building up on them. 

Who else wears tights underneath their pants when it's cold?!

Blizzard face!
The snow also brought out all of the little winter birdies. I need like, a real bird lens to take pics of them. They are so lovely!

Also, the knocking in our attic turned out to be none other than a....

Nathanael was right! It was a woodpecker. On the outside of our house. We still must have mice though. Whatev. Enjoy the snow!


  1. Your pictures are really great! You have quite a talent, and such a cute blog! Thanks for sharing, Alisha.