Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Best Man

Meet my husband. 

His name is Nathanael and he is the most patient, loving, hard-working dude you will ever meet.

I met him about a week after I moved to Missouri. I saw him and asked my sister, who "that beautiful boy" was. Long story short, he ended up coming to our family's New Year's Eve party.

Have you heard of dream boards? I made one that night after he left. It looked like this:

It was my "plan" to swoop my husband up and trick him into marrying me. It worked :) You'll see more of him later I'm sure. 

About him: 

  • He's from Missouri. To be more specific, he was born 1.8 miles from where we live now. In a trailer. [insert trailer joke here]
  • He was home schooled.  
  • He served an LDS Mission in Mesa, Arizona.
  • He is an apprentice electrician.
  • He can fix/build pretty much anything!
  • He doesn't like eggs. Which is too bad for him because I guess that means he doesn't get any chicken eggs when I start raising them. 
  • He lets me do whatever I want. Really. Could he stop me? hee hee hee :)


  1. I love it that you thought he was wonderful so soon. I love him a lot -- and am so glad he found you as well.


    1. Me too! To all of that! :) Love you!