Monday, December 31, 2012

Some House Happenings

I haven't mentioned our house lately. Nathanael just finished putting a door in the doorway between the mudroom and the kitchen. Remember this door from waaaay back that I just had to have? It was a a local scrap yard. 

Well, here it is! In our house. Sorry for all the super low quality pictures. 

I plan on putting either a chalkboard or a decorative piece of metal grate on top of some wood. It won't happen today, but it WILL happen. I also plan to clean it. :) 

We also switched stoves with Nathanael's sister, Ruth. HUGE blessing and thanks! That tiny wood stove wasn't cutting it, but now we stay super warm. Nathanael discovered that it is really a coal burning stove, so we want to buy some coal just to test it out.

I started painting our dining room table (finally) and it will hopefully be finished on Saturday. Be on the look out!

Oh, and have a happy, safe, responsible New Year's Eve! ;)

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