Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This is a Life Blog.

This is a life blog. Because I have one. Sort of. Really! Mostly I started this blog just for me. I have a blog for our awesome house and my semi-awesome furniture-upcycle addiction, but nothing for like, me. So here I am. Rock me like a hurrican'! No, don't. I don't like hurricanes. Either way, you can love it or leave it!

I was born in Long Beach, California (shout out to my homies!) but my family moved to Provo, Utah when I was four-ish. As a result, Provo is the city I claim, though I'm not sure it can really count as a "real city". More on that later. 

I moved to Missouri two years ago today (Happy Anniversary to me!), got married four months later, got pregnant two seconds later, bought a house two months after that, and however many months later, baby came along. 

Living in rural Missouri presents about 13,249,000 challenges for one who grew up in a city, albeit a fake city. I still have my "townie tendencies", like wearing high heels even though my driveway is made of gravel, dressing up to "go to town", and wearing pink because I can. I can't wait to share! 

PS. This is just the most recent/decent picture of me. Missouri looks nothing like the ocean. It's in the Midwest, guys. 

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