Thursday, December 27, 2012

Provo Isn't a Real City

Guys, I don't have anything against Provo. So relax. This isn't a hate post. I said it. I believe it. If you've lived there, you might agree. Provo isn't a real city. Even though it has a population hovering around 115,000 it still never seemed "real". 

When I think of a city I see this in my mind: 

Although, this is really a Sin City. Not really a real city either. 
When I see Provo, I see this: 

It's totally beautiful right? That's Brigham Young University. I'm pretty sure they have the tallest buildings in Provo. The thing is, Provo just seems like a fantasy land. It's too "perfect" to be true!

Here are four Reasons Provo is not a real city. 

1. So many students. It's a college town. Totally not real! Does this picture look like real life to you?!

They are everywhere! I don't have anything against BYU. My sister went to BYU. My best friend went there. I even had a sleepover in her dorm. When she rolled over at two in the morning and whispered, "I can't tummy huuuurts!" we walked to a pizza place had ourselves some fetching pizza. 

2. So. Many. White. People. 

That's kind of a joke, but really. There are SO MANY WHITE PEOPLE! 

Side note: BYU's soccer team is Awesome!

You should probably just watch this video. It actually kind of explains number one as well.  

I don't have anything against white people. I am white! but according to everyone else I look mostly Mexican (but I'm not Mexican. I'm Polynesian+White=Awesome). Apparently I also look French, Indian, Native American, Iranian, Pakistani, Grecian, and supposedly talk like I'm from Minnesota. 

3. So many Mormons.

I don't have anything against Mormons either, in fact, I am one. Surprise! I always wondered what it would be like to live in a place where the dominant religion wasn't Mormon. According to this link, in 2008 88% of persons in Provo were members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints [Mormons].

4. It's full of hipsters. I won't even go into that. Just read it here on this blog. She's hilarious. 

Are there any other reasons Provo isn't like a real city? After the New Year, I'm going to talk about the place I live now. It's called "Kidder". For real. I can't wait to show you my new town! 


  1. It's also not a real city because we were able to roll out bed and walk to a pizza place without getting mugged. We played night games past dark with out getting stolen either. Ah! I love p town!

    1. Dude seriously. And why on earth was there a pizza joint open at two in the morning? Does that happen other places? Whatev.